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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Chapter 22

Twenty minutes later Jon was freshly showered and pulling on a pair of low slung pale grey sweats. They had been the bane of Dot's existence, hanging around since the New Jersey tour back in '89 but they were his favorite pair. Now threadbare to the point of holes and super soft from years of laundering, he knew that they were well past their use by date but could not bear to part with them. Dot had tried on several occasions to entice him with new ones of the exact same brand and type but it was never the same...they weren't his…they weren't this pair.

As he was sliding into them he realized that the girls probably didn't have anything they could wear to bed. He crossed the hall to the bedroom he had shared with Dot – the one where his clothes remained - and pulled two of his T-shirts from the top drawer and slung them over his arm.

He rubbed the towel that had been draped around his neck through his dripping hair once more before discarding it and heading for Beth's room. He knocked at the door and waited for her reply. When none came he called her name softly, not really wanting to draw Frankie's attention to the fact that he was there. When there was still no response he tried the knob. It was open. He turned it so slowly that the mechanism of the lock barely made a sound. As the door swung inward it revealed a sight that took Jon's breath away.

Beth was emerging from the bathroom, her hands busy at her back with the clasp of her bra…an unbelievably sexy pink and black sheer lace creation - La Perla if he had to guess – that came with equally sinful barely there panties. HOLY SHIT! In all of Jon's wildest fantasies he could never have imagined the moment to be this good…never have imagined that she would look so…ooohhhh! Who would have thought that his practical little Bethie would sport under garments that were quite so racy? And while it was what drew his attention initially, it certainly wasn't what he was focusing on now. He took in the rounded curve of her breast, the tapered line of her waist, the long toned length of her legs, and skin so soft it practically begged him to touch it. He suddenly felt the blood rush to his groin and a low strangled moan escaped him as his eyes travelled over her delicious body.

Beth turned her attention to the door, her eyes widening as she realized she had an audience, at the exact same time that the last hook securing her bra snapped open. She inhaled sharply, her arms crossing protectively over her breasts as the straps of her bra slipped of her shoulders. Blushing profusely, she couldn't keep her gaze from traveling over his muscular…tanned...perfect body…the broad expanse of his firm chest, the proud nipples that jutted out from their nest of brown and silver fur, those defined washboard abs and the protruding hip bones that formed a distinct V pointing the way to where her eyes finally came to rest - on the prominent twitch in his low-riding sweats. Oh. My. God. What she could do with that twitch.

"Jon! What are you doing in here?" she gasped.

"I um...ah…oh fuck me!" he stuttered.

"Um …yeah… I think…NOT!" was Frankie's response from right behind him. She stepped around him to stand protectively before her mother. "Would you mind looking away there Jon"

Jon's eyes closed as he realized his daughter had witnessed his moment of weakness. "Fuck," he uttered under his breath.

"Mother…get some clothes on, would you?" she hissed, pointing to the bathroom.

Jon threw one of the T shirts he was carrying across the room to Beth, who let it fall at her feet. No way was she moving her arms from her breasts. "I was just bringing you these," he said lightly, flinging another at Frankie, trying to distract himself from the vision of loveliness before him.

Frankie caught the shirt he'd flung at her and handed it to her mother saying "Mom please…put it on." She pleaded, before bending down to retrieve the other shirt.

At her daughters urging Beth fled into the bathroom.

Frankie turned on Jon, "What in the hell do you think you're doing?" She hissed through clenched teeth.

"I ah...I was just bringing you both something to sleep in. I didn't want you to be uncomfortable," he said, looking rather uncomfortable himself in that moment.

"Yeah right," she muttered dismissively, as she took in his half naked form and her gaze paused on the telltale sign of his arousal. "Jon, we talked about this…you assured me you wouldn't be acting on these feelings. I can't believe this. Christ you didn't even last the night out."

"I swear Frankie…it wasn't like that. I meant what I said tonight…I'm not ready for any of this…"

"Looks like you're ready."

"You are old enough to know that there is a world of difference between being physically and emotionally ready." He replied.

"Well would you mind doing something about that," she said looking pointedly at his poorly disguised erection.

Jon shifted uncomfortably and adjusted the front of his pants, then stopped and wondered what the hell he was doing. He had done nothing wrong and he was sick to death of defending himself to this insolent child. "Hell Frankie… I'm so done having these conversations…I don't have to explain myself to you."

"Whatever Jon, but seeing the physical manifestation of your attraction for my mother is not something I enjoy." She said coolly.

"Get the fuck over it Frankie," he snapped. "You are in my house now and I expect more respect than you are presently showing. We're all adults here…at least I thought we were, but the way you're behaving now reminds me of Stephy at about thirteen."

Frankie scowled at him but her focus turned to the bathroom as the door opened. Beth emerged from the room, she was dressed in her own clothes once more, but there was now a relaxed grace in which she wore them. Her silken sapphire blouse hung loose over her black wool knit pants. His eyes were drawn to the expanse of creamy white skin at her collar. As his gaze drifted a little further afield it was evident to him that she no longer wore the lingerie that was so clearly emblazoned on his brain.

Beth saw the mutinous expression on her daughters face and the aggravated expression on Jon's and knew that there was another situation she would likely have to diffuse. "What's going on here?"

"Nothing…" they said in unison. Beth looked between them suspiciously but said nothing. For the next few moments the silence in the room was deafening before Jon broke it.

"Look, I've done what I came to," he said. "I'm gonna head to bed…it's been a long day…" He knew there was no way Frankie would be leaving Beth alone in his presence, and it really had been a long day…they all needed a good night's sleep.

He crossed the room and placed a hand on Beth's upper arm, leant in and kissed her gently on the cheek. "Good night, honey." He whispered softly and smiled as she let out a barely audible sigh.

He just hadn't been able to resist the opportunity to get close to her…if only for those few brief seconds. As it was the warmth of her body begged him to stay…but he tore himself away. As he passed Frankie he bent to lay a soft kiss on her forehead… "Goodnight sweetheart… sleep well." He said and looking at her pointedly.

When the door finally clicked closed behind him Beth turned immediately to her daughter, "What just happened here Frances?"

"Isn't that what I should be asking you? What were you thinking? Parading around before him in your underwear? Honestly Mom, are you trying to seduce him?" Frankie asked.

"As usual you have misinterpreted what you have seen, but regardless Frances, what I was thinking is certainly none of your concern. If I choose to seduce him that would be well within my rights" Beth admonished.

The look of shock on her daughters face almost…almost bought a smile to Beth's.

"The hell it isn't my concern." Frankie said

"Watch your mouth with me young lady. I seems I have had to remind you way too often lately about minding your manners."

"Well hell Mom if you insist on bedding a Rock Star…" Frankie let the sentence trail off.

"Just because I'm attracted to him, that doesn't mean I'm going to act on it. Your father hasn't even been gone a year and besides, what's to say Jon feels the same?"

"Oh please mother, don't be so naïve. His attraction to you was pretty evident."

"Come on Frankie…if that's the case it's only a physical reaction because he hasn't been getting any at home lately," Beth said. "Things haven't been good between them for a long time now. Did he tell you they are divorcing?"

"He may have mentioned something in passing…but one thing has nothing to do with the other," she would not be deterred from this line of conversation.

"Come on honey, you're a smart girl…given everything that has gone down, do you honestly think that his first foray back into the dating scene would be with me? There are just far too many complications…especially given the press conference and all the denials that were just made…how would that look? Can you imagine how damaging that would be to him?" Beth reasoned.

"You know what Mom…I really don't think he gives a shit. When that man wants something he takes it and worries about the consequences later. I mean hell…just look at what he did to Gina."

Outside Beth's door, Jon frowned. He had stuck around to see if Frankie would give his feelings up to her mother, and while he was pleased that she hadn't done so, he couldn't help feeling that her comment about Gina was a betrayal. It seemed for every two steps forward, they were taking one back. And while he knew Beth's opinion about why a relationship between the two of them would be a mistake was logical, he also knew that he couldn't stop thinking about her…that he wanted to be close to her. Even the most common place moments like the simple act of kissing her cheek and saying goodnight seemed comfortable, natural…the way it had been with Dot, many, many years before.

Jon heard footsteps heading for the door and quickly ducked back into his bedroom before he could be discovered. Even after all he had heard, his cock apparently had a mind of its own - still semi erect in his pants…with a sigh he headed back to the bathroom for his second shower of the night. This one would be decidedly cooler.

Finally alone in her room Beth headed to the bathroom for her much anticipated shower. She turned on the faucets, then stood before the full length mirror and tried to see herself as Jon had seen her….for, while she had rejected Frankie's observations, she had seen the way Jon had looked at her and the evidence of his favorable assessment.

She stepped into the steaming hot stream of water and ran her hands over her svelte body. She had to admit she was in good shape for her age. Her body was trim and toned, her hair still thick and lustrous, and while her face now had more lines than it did - even into her thirties - they somehow added to her beauty rather than detracted from it. She was aging gracefully. But Jon Freakin' Bon Jovi! Hell he could have any woman he wanted. She had watched them all fawn over him at the Gala. Women half her age tripping over themselves and each other to get close to him…women much less complicated than her. And while the idea that he was attracted to her pleased her, she couldn't help but think she would only be a passing fancy…and that was something she would never allow herself to be.

It was a good half an hour later that Beth slipped naked, as she always did, between the sinfully indulgent fine linen of Jon's guest bed. The silky softness of the 1000 thread count Egyptian cotton felt like a whisper against her skin, already soothing away the day's stresses. She snuggled in beneath the light fluffy down duvet, placed her head on the soft down pillow and allowed her mind to drift…

Despite her best effort her thoughts kept bringing her back to the same image…of Jon…in her doorway, staring at her with passion firing in his eyes, his hard body tense with desire and ready. Ready for her. There was a knock at the door and Beth started. She rubbed her eyes absently and tried to focus on the figure standing in the backlit doorframe.

"Jon?" she asked disoriented from slumber.

The figure made no sound but slipped into the room shutting the door behind him. She was not afraid…it could only have been him. He was the only man in the house.

Only the light of the full moon drifting through the open drapes afforded her some visibility. He moved quietly around the room and came to rest at her bedside, standing over her…staring intently. It took her a few moments to realize that in sleep the duvet had drifted down and exposed her breasts. She reached to pull it up, but his raspy voice gave her pause.

"Leave it," he said hoarsely, "I want to look at you." And her hand froze.

His eyes were alight with passion, his breathing uneven. She could see the tense line of his shoulders as he struggled to retain control.

"I want to touch you," he groaned, but he made no effort to move.

Beth raised herself on one elbow and reached her hand out towards him. He allowed her to take his hand and draw him forward until his thighs were pressed against the side of the mattress, and then he moaned as she guided that same hand to her breast.

His touch was a blaze on her skin, as he gently kneaded the soft mound of sensitive flesh. Slowly Beth lowered herself back down to the mattress, and he followed. She reached up with her right hand and cupped the back of his neck and pulled his lips down to meet hers. The first touch was timid…uncertain…he sipped from her and waited for her reaction. When her tongue darted out to caress his lips, he deepened the exchange, taking all that she was offering and more. His tongue darted into her, giving her the first real taste of him…and it was better than she'd ever imagined. He was skilful and gentle, and he could do things with his mouth she had not known were possible. She ached to have it elsewhere on her body.

Again she reached up to him, reveling in the feel of soft skin over hard flesh as she traced the line of his ribs up over his back to pull him down to her. He braced himself with a hand beside her head and a knee on the bed and paused.

"Why are you stopping?" she asked him.

"Is this what you want Bethie? Am I want you want?" he asked, eyes dark blue with passion.

Beth paused and for a moment so did time. She tried to remember why this was a bad idea, tried to remember why it was wrong, tried to remember Branson…but all she could see was Jon, all she could feel was Jon…all that she wanted… was Jon.

She pulled his mouth to hers once more, "Don't stop," she whispered against his mouth.

He groaned, "God Beth, are you sure? …'cause once we start this, I don't think I can stop."

"I don't want you to. I want to feel your weight on me. I want to feel your skin against mine. I want to feel you inside me. Take me Jon…I need you to…" he cut her words off with a kiss. He had apparently heard all he needed to.

"Take them off," she uttered feverishly against his lips.

He didn't need to be told twice. Jon pushed himself off the bed. Beth watched as he slid his sweats down over his straining erection and let them pool at his feet before stepping out of them. He stood there for a long moment and allowed her to admire him. And admire him she did.

He was backlit from the soft yellow glow of light that flowed in from the cracked bathroom door. His skin still held a hint of golden summer tan. She watched the play of his muscles as he absently ran a hand through his short brown hair. His nipples were tight hard peaks, his abs tight and rippled. A line of dark fur drew her eyes downward. His erection was magnificent. It stood proud from his midsection, purple and straining and reaching for the sky. She immediately began to imagine what her mouth could do with it…what he would taste like. She bit down on her lip in anticipation.

Beth forced her eyes back to his…they were calm, smiling. In a bold move she threw back the duvet displaying herself to him and smiled with satisfaction as his expression changed, becoming dark and stormy. Gooseflesh rose over her body as his eyes surveyed their prize.

"Ohh fuck," he breathed, "you are so beautiful Bethie."

Beth looked up at him through hooded eyes. She held a hand out to him fingers splayed, and he entwined his in hers. She moved over slightly on the bed and pulled him down on top of her. She sighed under his weight.

"Am I hurting you baby?" he asked as he began to shift his weight from her.

"No…please," there was an edge of desperation in her tone, "stay there...you just…oohh Jon…you feel so good." She ran her hands up and down his back, drawing him closer to her. She could feel his hard length pressed into her thigh and tried to move against it but he had her pinned. His right leg parted her thighs and his torso covered hers as she dragged him in for their first full contact kiss.

His lips on hers were soft and warm but reserved, almost like he was unsure how to proceed. She wanted more. She caught his lower lip between hers and sucked gently and was rewarded with a "Mmmmm." She tried for another kiss but when she couldn't get the depth she desired she shifted her weight and rolled him so she was on top. It had been so long…too long. She needed this so bad, for while she had been able to orchestrate her own physical release, it had not given her the emotional attachment she craved…that she was starved for.

"Hey up there," he said grinning up at her, pleasantly surprised by her forcefulness.

"Hey yourself."

Straddled across Jon's hips and looking down at him, she could see herself reflected in his eyes and marveled at the wonton woman she saw there. Unable to draw her eyes away, she closed the distance between them, and covered his mouth with hers. This time he parted his lips and welcomed her in with his tongue. The kiss was slow, sensual and full of heat. For a long time they stayed like this and explored each other…tongues exploring mouths, hands exploring bodies.

The soft fine hair on his chest rubbed across her nipples with every movement. The hard rigid length of him prodded at her core, and she squirmed at the sensation, purring with satisfaction…soon it would be inside her…it would fill her and complete her….but not yet. She wanted this to last. And she wanted to taste him first.

Beth started at his neck with feather light kisses and gentle nips at his flesh. She dipped her tongue into the hollow at the base of his neck beneath his Adams apple and tasted the salty tang of him…he smelled good - of earthy spices …he tasted even better. She sat up so she could bring her hands to his chest and took them straight to his nipples…they were hard and straining and she felt them tighten further under her fingertips, then their mountainous little peaks under her palms as she spread her fingers through the fur. It tickled her lips as she bent to kiss them, and draw them into her mouth one by one. She was rewarded with a guttural groan.

Running her hands over the gentle undulations of his ribs and following them with her lips, Beth worked her way lower. She caressed his taut defined abs with both her hand and her mouth. When she reached his hips, she paused there to marvel at the sensual lines they created…a perfect treasure map to her final destination…but not yet. There was so much more of him to explore. She reached up, arching her back slightly, running her fingers through her hair to tame it somewhat and heard his sharp exhale when it fluttered over his manhood as she knew it would. She grinned as she pressed her lips to his pelvis and felt his fingers thread through her luxurious auburn waves, gently massaging her scalp with only the slightest pressure which still allowed her full movement. She licked the underside of one of those delicious curves, but stopped short of where he wanted her most...of where she wanted to be most. There was plenty of time for that.

Beth reached up and grabbed two pillows from the head of the bed and laid them, stacked, in line with his pelvis.

"Roll over," she instructed throatily.

Jon didn't hesitate, and rolled immediately. She settled onto her knees beside him. With his legs parted, his straining cock was on perfect display for her, thanks to the pillows upon which it now rested, its glistening tip pointing down to the bed. They served more than one purpose, not only preventing his glorious manhood from being hidden under his body, but also prominently displaying that perfectly toned and rounded ass. Oh. My. God! She just wanted to eat it. She bent down and nipped at the firm flesh. Not hard enough to actually hurt, but she got a "ouch" just the same.

"Shhhh," She soothed and lathed over it with her tongue, "I'm nowhere near done with you yet."

"Fuck me, Beth…" he exclaimed…it wasn't a request.

"Yes...we'll get to that," she assured him, "but right now I'm a little hungry."

She dipped her head between his legs and gave one long stroke with of her tongue up the length of his cock and over his balls and felt him shudder as he struggled to retain control. Pre-cum welled at the tip of his cock.

Beth slid up his body and whispered breathily in his ear, "Not yet baby. I'm not ready for you to cum just yet." She swirled her tongue around his ear and sucked on the lobe, giving him a taste of what he could expect. Her breasts pressed into his back and that perfectly manicured triangle between her legs rubbed across his ass.

"Christ Beth…I can't hold it much longer," his voice was shaky with need, "I need to be in you. I want to fuck you senseless. First that deliciously dirty mouth and then this." His hand reached back and went straight to the wet overheated flesh between her thighs and it was her turn to moan.

Though every fiber of her body wanted to lean into his touch, Beth pulled back from his hand. "Uh uh uh…not yet…" she chided, "you'll get your turn to play."

This wasn't about her yet. That time would come. And she knew that when it did, it would be all the better for waiting. She kissed down the length of his spine, all the while smoothing her hands over the muscles in his back that rippled beneath his olive skin. There was an amazing amount of strength in his compact frame. She knew that if he wanted to he could overpower her in seconds. And yet he stayed where he was. She ran her hands down the backs of his thighs and moved to settle herself between his legs.

"Are you ticklish Jon?" she asked mischievously.


"Are you sure?" laughter tinkled in her voice.

Jon nodded.

"Well no laughing then."

She leaned forward and let her hair fall over the sensitive skin behind his knees. She swished it back and forth a couple of times and felt him squirm beneath her hands, obviously affected, but not so much as a giggle escaped him.

"Very good," she said then trailed her hair up the back of his thighs, spreading them wider with her palms. It was time to get serious, her own need now acute.

Beth bent down and lavished attention on the juncture of his buttocks and thighs, licking and nibbling along the lines that led to the prize between his legs. He whimpered, and his body shook.

"Do you like that Jon?" she asked. "Do you want me to go lower?"

His hips arching up off the bed was her only response. She pressed a feather light kiss to the exposed underside of his sack and then flicked her tongue across it and inhaled deeply the musky scent of his arousal.

She took another lick up the length of his cock and asked, "You ready for me baby?"

"Fuck yeah," he growled.

"Then roll over so I can get to work."

He moved so rapidly she almost toppled of the bed. "Anxious are we there Rock Star?" She smiled down at him. Jon reached for her but she avoided his grasp. "No honey…lay down like a good boy."

He let out a frustrated groan, but did as she demanded. Laying back he entwined his fingers behind his head so he wouldn't be tempted to grab at her. Damn but he was a beautiful man, she thought, all tight coiled power in a perfect package.

Settled between his legs once more, her eyes travelled the length of his body hungrily, from the mirrored hunger in his eyes and down to the object of hers – his straining, purple, pulsing cock. Pre-cum oozed freely from the tip now and it was too hard to resist, she leant in for her first real taste, flicking her tongue out and lapping it up, licking her lips afterward.

"Jesus Bethie…please…" he begged, his voice cracking, "no more…please…please do me now."

"No more?" She smiled teasingly.

"No. More. Teasing." he said carefully pronouncing each word. "I need to be inside you…now."

Beth didn't hesitate any longer. She took his entire length in one stroke and moaned when she felt him hit the back of her throat. Peripherally, she saw his hands shoot out from behind his head to fist in the sheets beside his hips as they arched up of the bed, driving him further down her throat. She took it in her stride and drew back off him running her tongue up the underside of his dick as she went.

"Just a little longer baby," she murmured against his swollen tip, "you only have to hold on a little longer."

Beth took the top of his cock into her mouth, sucking lightly as she rolled her tongue around it, paying special attention to the sensitive area under the bottom of the head. She kissed down his length and one by one sucked his balls into her mouth, rolling them around gently before releasing them and licking her way back up, taking his length down her throat once more.

"Beth...Oh God …Beth…I'm gonna…"

Beths tone was stern, "No Jon, you're not, …not until I say you can."

"Beth please…" his tone was pure desperation, his stomach was rigid with his effort for control, his teeth clenching, his hands fisting and she was loving every second of the control she had over him.

Beth slid her mouth down his cock one last time. When she felt him at the back of her throat she growled, and the tenuous hold he had on his control snapped and he came with several jerks and a bone deep shudder.

The wetness between Beth's legs increased with every swallow. When he was done and she had licked him clean, she rolled back to lie on the bed beside him while he took a few moments to recover. He lay still, and panting, his eyes closed and shielded with one arm. He looked like he was out for the count but she was ready and she needed her own release…now. She had become so used to taking care of her own needs over the past year that her hand instinctively moved the junction of her thighs. Christ she was wet. Her fingers slipped easily between her folds and then she felt his hand on her wrist.

"What do you think you're doing Miss?" He was propped on his elbow, his eyes boring into hers, passion firing. He slipped his finger into her folds on top of hers. "I believe this is my job…though I'd hardly call this work." He dropped down and kissed her full on the lips, their tastes mingled. He kissed down the line of her neck and beyond until his lips enclosed around one exquisite nipple.

"It's your turn to lay still, baby. And not a sound, you hear?" he murmured against her flesh.

She moaned in protest.

"Ok, I think we can forgo that last bit," he whispered hoarsely, looking into her hooded eyes "you sound so fucking sexy when you moan. And I'm gonna make you scream. But Bethie…if you move…I'll stop."

He kissed slowly down the center of her torso, until she could feel his hot breath over her core. Her legs opened wider for him instinctively.

"Is this where you want me baby?"

"Yes…oh yes," she sighed.

"Let me see…are you ready for me?" He asked as he slid a finger deep inside her. It did nothing to satisfy her craving for his long hard length.

"So fucking wet…is that all for me?" His eyes burned with passion as he looked up the length of her body.

Her hips involuntarily lifted of the bed when he bought his mouth down to her and ran his tongue up the length of her slit, "Mmmm so sweet," he licked his lips savoring her taste, "but remember…no moving baby. You don't want me to stop do you?" He smiled when she shook her head.

"Ok, but I think this," he swiped his thumb over her clit, "…this will have to wait 'til you've calmed down some." He chuckled when she whimpered.

He positioned himself between her legs, on his knees and ran his hands down the backs of her thighs, and then moved to the end of the bed as he followed the length of her legs, over shapely calves down to delicate feet and dainty toes. He kissed the manicured digits one by one, taking some into his mouth and sucking on them gently, caressing them with his tongue all the while massaging her feet gently with skilled hands. Beth's legs shook with the effort it took not to flinch away from his touch. Her feet were insanely ticklish, and the attention he was lavishing on them would normally have earned him a kick in the nose. Just when Beth thought she could control her impulses no longer, he took mercy on her and started his journey back up her body.

It was a slow and sensuous trip, heavily punctuated with licks, nips and kisses. When he reached the apex of her thighs, just when she could once again feel his warm breath tickle her soft curls, he got up and stretched out beside her, and she felt that warm breath at her ear.

"You ready for me baby?" his voice was deeper than she'd ever heard it…rough.

"Please…" she whimpered.

"Please what Beth? Tell me what you want."

"I want you." She moaned.

"You have me….I'm right here."

"Not close enough," she muttered and reached for him.

"Now now Beth…what were those rules? Looks like someone needs to be punished…roll over baby." He told her, a mischievous glint in his eye.

Beth did as instructed and promptly felt the sting of his hand on her ass. His lips and his tongue were the salve that eased the pain. She moved on purpose, then flinched and moaned in ecstasy when he did it all again. He stilled her then made a point of laying feather light kisses on each of her vertebrae as he worked his way up her spine.

When Jon's hot kisses reached her neck, gooseflesh rose all over her. And when he finally ran a hand down the seam of her ass and dipped between her thighs body shuddered involuntarily with the promise of pleasure that was to come. Even as she lay on her stomach, he slid his finger through her soaking wet slit and applied the lightest pressure on her clit. In her over sensitized state, it was all it took to send her body into convulsions of ecstasy. A hoarse moan tore from her throat and she buried her face in the pillows to stifle it.

As her body stilled Jon rolled her over gently. Her thighs fell open ready to accept him into her and she reached for him.

"Oh…I'm not done yet," he said, as he leaned in for a long, hard, demanding, breathtaking kiss. "No where near done," he promised.

He kissed his way down her body a second time. There was a little more urgency this time around. His cock was once again purple and straining, but he was determined to have her scream before he satisfied himself.

He kissed her inner thighs and this time, when his mouth touched on her pussy, it did not move away, but lingered. He started with gentle kisses all over, up and down her slit and all over her mound. She heard the intake of breath as he breathed in her musky scent, and couldn't remember ever hearing anything sexier. He was relishing her, reveling in her body, in her sex. She felt wanted and for the first time in too long, she felt cherished. And then his tongue dipped into her slit and flicked over her clit and her world exploded in a myriad of sensation.

Her release was hard and fast but he didn't let up. He parted her lips gently with the fingers of one hand and dipped his tongue deep inside her, tasting her fully, feeling the remnants of the convulsions of her orgasm. It wasn't enough…she wasn't screaming…yet.

Jon licked up the length of her slit and latched into her clit with his lips just as he slid two fingers deep into her hot wet flesh. He found that special place inside her and began to exert gentle pressure there as his tongue flicked lightly over her erect little nub. Within seconds, Beth was squirming and writhing beneath his mouth. Her hands fisted in his hair, pushing him down, trying to pull him away. It was the most exquisite form of torture. She felt, rather than saw him smile against her flesh. She had never known a man that enjoyed pleasuring a woman so much…and he did, very obviously, enjoy this.

When he felt the flesh around his fingers begin to quiver with the onset of release, Jon took one last hard suck on Beth's clit and drove her over the edge. Her vision momentarily blacked out, and there was a strange ringing in her ears. It took her a few seconds to realize that it was her own screams of pleasure.

Jon rode her hard until the last wave. Just when she thought she was going to have a moment to recover he positioned himself over her and asked, "So you ready to do that again?" He didn't wait for her response; his own need now was too great. With a single thrust he was balls deep into her, and GOD but he felt good.

"Ohhh God Jon…" His mouth covered hers and silenced her as he began to move, long slow strokes that left her empty then filled her completely. She could taste herself on his tongue and found that it was an incredible aphrodisiac, as she remembered the pleasure he had taken in pleasing her. As his thrusts became more urgent, she wrapped her legs around his waist and moved with him, angling her pelvis, drawing him deeper into her. The weight of his upper body was suspended on his elbows. Her nails dug into his back and she bit down hard on her lip to keep from screaming in his ear. He drew her lip from between her teeth and sucked it into his mouth.

"Oh yeah….oh baby…" he murmured against her collarbone as he nuzzled into her neck.

She turned her face towards him and licked at a bead of sweat that was running down his temple, she laid kisses across his face until she once again possessed his mouth with hers. She felt rather than heard the deep rumbling groan that indicated his imminent release. It vibrated through her and sparked her own.

He broke his mouth away from hers in time to moan, "Fuck Beth I'm gonna...I shit….aghhhh…"

He came hard as her pussy clenched around him. Her nails bit into the hard flesh of his ass, holding him inside her, as his cock pulsed over and over again in release. She knew he was finally spent when he collapsed on top of her, his weight a comforting presence.


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