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Sunday, May 10, 2009

Chapter 16

Jon placed a tentative hand on his daughter's lower back to guide her out to the car. She didn't flinch away initially but the second they were out of her mother's line of site she shrugged away from him.

"Look," she turned on him, "I agreed to let you drive me home for Mom's sake…it doesn't mean I have to like it. And I certainly don't need you to pretend being all fatherly with me either, especially when it's just to win her over."

Jon clenched his teeth, took a deep cleansing breath and waited several seconds, calming down before he responded, leading Frankie to believe she had gotten the best of him. By the time he spoke they were seated in his car, and his voice was cool and controlled – quite an effort given that his sometimes volatile temper had already been tested.

"Frankie…I'm not pretending anything. I am a father, and have been actively so, for the last fifteen years. And beyond that…I am your father…and fortunately that is something you can't dispute."

"You seriously see something fortunate in that fact?" Frankie replied contemptuously.

"Of course I do. How could I not see the gift of a child as being fortunate?" He glanced over at her briefly as he pulled out into the traffic, "All of my children are blessings Frankie…all of you. I was so proud of you tonight…getting up there to honor your Dad the way you did. It showed a level of maturity that quite frankly I thought was beyond you…and then you go and pull that little stunt at the end…"

"I didn't pull…"

Jon held up a finger and spoke over his daughter effectively cutting her off. "Let me finish please…now while it wasn't the most mature way to broach the issue I do appreciate the fact that you are so protective of your mother."

Frankie sat beside him dumfounded. He grinned as he spoke again…he liked the fact that he'd been able to throw her of balance like that. "Seriously Frankie, I'd like to think that if my wife and daughter were ever in a similar situation, that Stephy would be looking out for her Mom just as you did tonight. Having said that though…don't take it as an admission that there was a need for you to look out for Beth where I am concerned. My relationship…no my friendship,'" he corrected, "with your mother, while pleasurable, is just a means to an end for me. That end being you. You are so God damn resistant to me Frankie…I have to do something to get to know you…I have already missed so much…too much of your life…"

"Well," Frankie said as she gazed out the window, unwilling to meet her father's eyes, "I promised Mama so I won't comment on that any further...I've already made my thoughts clear."

"Honestly sweetie…I can't even think about your mother in that way," as the words left his mouth Jon felt a flush rise to his cheeks, and was thankful for the cover of darkness and the cool night air blowing in the slightly open window, as the recurring dream came to mind.

It had been like this for weeks. At the start the dreams surprised him…sometimes Gina was the subject, sometimes Beth. But as the days and weeks passed they became essentially the same…always him and Beth alone and naked, reveling in the pleasures of each other's bodies…only the positions and the locations would change. Last night's dream had been particularly vivid and extremely erotic.

Beth had come to him in the middle of the night. He had woken in his bed in the guest room and she was standing beside the bed looking over him. She wore nothing but La Perla lingerie; a black balconnette lace bra and a Chantilly lace garterbelt-thong, both of which left very little to the imagination. He had opened his mouth to speak, but she had shushed him with a finger on his lips. He reached up and held her hand where it was, tenderly kissing her fingertips, before taking each one into his mouth to suck on it. While his mouth was occupied, he reached for her with his other hand, running it up the back of her silk clad thigh from her knee, until he felt the pleasure of her skin and the tight supple curve of her ass, where he gave a gentle squeeze to a handful of flesh.

Jon threw back the covers exposing his naked form and raging arousal to her hungry gaze, and pulled her down to lay beside him. She engaged him in a deep passionate, breathtaking kiss before immediately going to work on him, her gentle hands flittered over his flesh…tantalizing, teasing; her skilful mouth nibbled on his neck and suckled on his earlobe as she whispered in his ear, "I'm so wet for you, Jon…only you…I can't wait to feel you deep inside me."

His cock surged in response to her words, and his pulse quickened in anticipation of what was to come. Beth left his ear and laid a trail with her tongue down to his fur camouflaged nipples. She grazed over one, then the other with gentle teeth and then sucked in deeply to flick at the tight little bud with her tongue. When her work was done and both nipples were tight and straining she followed the path of hair down the centre dip of his abdomen and let her tongue flitter into his navel. Jon felt the nerves pull at his very core and jumped slightly at the sensation. He felt Beth's satisfied smile against his flesh and couldn't help grinning himself.

All he wanted to do was lay back and enjoy the sensations she was evoking, but as she kissed her way down further, he could not resist the urge to watch. Adjusting the pillows so that he was now semi reclined, he could not tear his eyes away as she wrapped that deliciously dirty mouth around his rock hard cock. Her scarlet lips circled the top of his cock, and he marveled at the light fluttery sensation her tongue provoked on the tip and over his slit. She looked up and held eye contact as she slipped down his silky length, tracing her tongue down the large vein on the underside.

"Fuck me… Beth…" he strangled out.

Beth increased suction drew up his length until she came off the top with an audible 'pop', "Oh don't worry…I intend to… until your begging for mercy," she had said and went right back to work, this time taking him so deep he could feel her throat contract around him as she swallowed. She teased him like this for what seemed like an eternity, alternately deep-throating, then concentrating only on his head, taking him to the brink over and over again until he was thrashing wildly, his hands desperately trying to gain purchase on anything they could, one coming to rest tangled in her hair, the other in the sheets.

Just when he thought he could take it no more, Beth took him deep in her throat once more and with a perfectly timed groan, that vibrated down the length of his cock and into his balls, Jon came harder than he ever remembered cumming in his life, pumping thick streams down her welcoming throat. Beth didn't waste a drop of his essence, licking and sucking him clean as his body calmed and the contractions eased. As soon as he was able, Jon gathered her into his arms, holding her close so that her head rested on his chest, until he was ready for the next round.

"Are you listening to me?" Frankie's aggravated tone interrupted his memory.

He had never seen the second round in the dream either. He had woken to find himself alone in the guestroom, but instead of Beth the only other thing in his bed was a wet patch. It was the first wet dream he had had since he was a teenager.

"Jon?" Frankie took in his bemused expression, and wondered what had him confused.

"Sorry...I guess I spaced out for a minute. Listen Frankie, please just let me try to reassure you, that while your mother is a very beautiful woman, we are just friends. Friends with many common interests, and one of them just happens to be you, so you have nothing to worry about from me, I don't have any designs on your Mom. Now if you hear of anyone else who does…you just let me know and I'll take care of it…I know some guys in jersey," he chuckled at his lame joke and watched as Frankie merely rolled her eyes.

"Oh I love this song..."she said reaching to turn up the radio, that had been providing some quiet background music. The gravelly voice of the lead singer of Frankie's favorite band infiltrated the car. "I love the band actually… they're are HOT. More importantly that lead singer is to die for!"

As Jon watched his daughter bob away to the music in the seat next to him a plan began to formulate in his mind. He wondered just how much of a fan she was. "They're very talented…great bunch of guys too," Jon shouted over the din and waited for her to bite.

"You know them?" She asked excitedly, and then realizing what she had done, took it down a notch, "Well of course you know them."

"Yeah…when you've been around as long as we have you tend to 'know'" he made quotation marks with one hand keeping the other on the wheel, "a lot of people. But these guys supported us on the last tour for a few shows, so I actually got to know them pretty well."


There…the seed was planted. Now he just had to wait to see what it would grow into. He hoped she would ask him for a favor…ask him for tickets. He wasn't gullible enough to think that that was likely, however he would sure as hell have them waiting for her if she did.

Jon gave an amused little laugh, "Hmph!"

"What's so funny?" Frankie asked confused, as she reached to lower the volume just enough for them to conduct a conversation.

"You are!"

"Why?" she asked, brow furrowed.

"You're not impressed that your old man has had international success in the music industry, platinum albums, sell out tours, millions of fans, has met and performed with the best this industry has to offer." He chucked, shaking his head. "No… you…you're impressed that I got to know some Jonny-come-lately band that supported us on tour."

"They're a good band!" Frankie defended.

"Granted…they are," he confirmed, "I just find it amusing that you're so unimpressed by me and my 'Rock n Roll' lifestyle and yet you practically worship them for the same thing. I mean…don't get me wrong...I know how it is... our fans have been lusting after us for near on twenty-five years …I don't know I just find it a little…hypocritical… maybe." He said.

Frankie opened her mouth to defend herself, but promptly realized that he was right. She was being hypocritical, holding him to a different standard. "Yeah, but he isn't my father," she finally spat.

Jon worked hard to conceal the grin that threatened to dominate his features, she had just referred to him as her father…there was hope for them yet.

"Oh and Jon?"

"Yes Frankie?"

"I really don't need images of fans lusting after you in my head if you don't mind. It's something I'd rather not have to think about."

Yep…there was definitely hope.

The song came to an end and Frankie turned the radio down further, "I tried to get tickets for their show. I was sooo bummed when I missed out." Frankie hinted.

Again Jon suppressed a grin and silence descended in the car for the rest of the short ride home. Jon knew that she wanted the tickets and that he could get them for her. Frankie knew that Jon knew she wanted the tickets. Both waited for the other to make the first move. Neither did.

A few minutes later Jon pulled up to the curb in front of Frankie's apartment. There was an awkward silence as they each waited for the other to speak.

Finally Jon broke it, "Well I have to get back and get your Mom. I don't want her any madder at me than she is now."

"No, you don't want that," Frankie agreed, "I wouldn't necessarily mind it though." A small smile softened her words.

Was she actually teasing him, Jon wondered? Another moment of silence, "Well…"

"Oh sorry." Frankie said as she reached for the door, "Thank you for the ride. I'll see you at Mom's through the week no doubt."

As Frankie got out of the car, Jon sat shaking his head, marveling at the difference that one small piece of information had made to her demeanor. She wanted those tickets bad…real bad, but he knew there wasn't a hope in hell she'd ask for them.


"Yeah?" she replied, excitement tinged the tone.

Jon grinned. For the first time he had her right where he wanted her, "You know…if you want tickets all you have to do is ask."

Frankie offered him a tight smile, "Goodnight Jon!," she said before closing the car door hard in exasperation.

Jon couldn't help chuckling as he watched her stalk into her building. It appeared his little girl was finally recognizing the doors he could open for her. Now she just had to relinquish that stubborn streak of hers to take advantage of it. Jon knew that that wasn't something that would happen easily. Perhaps a little more temptation would be necessary.


The smile on Jon's face and the pleasure of the small victory he had had with his daughter disappeared the second he pulled up to the hotel and found Beth waiting for him with the valet. Her posture, the stiff set of her shoulders, immediately told Jon that nothing had happened to change her mood. She clearly still had her mad on…and it wasn't going to be pretty. As she approached the he wracked his brain for reasons to excuse his behavior. Under the intensity of her stern stare, anything he came up with suddenly seemed very feeble and childish. He decided pulling out the charm was his best option…it had always worked before.

He plastered his million watt smile on his face as she slipped into the passenger seat beside him, "Hey Bethie."

Beth did not look at him, or respond in any way to the affectionate nickname. Instead she turned to the valet, "Thank you." She said simply as he secured the door closed, then nodded.

The silence was deafening. Jon could stand it no longer, "Beth look I'm sorry about.."

"Oh no you don't," She interrupted, "You sir are not allowed to speak first. How dare you Jon? I am so very thankful I didn't hear the full context of that conversation. But I have to say, I am incredibly disappointed in you tonight."

"In me? What was I supposed to do?" Jon was more than a little surprised at the vehemence in her voice.

"You were supposed to recognize that this was a very difficult night for both me and for Frankie, and you should have kept your mouth shut. I don't care if she accused you of being an axe murderer, you should have just nodded your head and indulged her." Even as Beth spoke the words she realized that what she was expecting of him was unreasonable, but she was just so mad she couldn't think straight.

"So I'm not allowed to defend myself?" he asked incredulous.

"Jon, how do you expect to ever win her over," she softened slightly, "Did it even cross your mind how hard this evening was for her? Did you consider the possibility that she's seeing these things that obviously aren't there because she misses her father so badly?"

"So you think I should have stood there and agreed with her when she was telling me I had designs on you?"

Beth paused to consider her answer for a moment before responding, "No… but… I do think you could have disagreed with her in a manner which wouldn't have gotten her temper stirred up like that."

"Beth...you know Frankie," Jon took his eyes off the road momentarily to look at her. Damn…even angry she was beautiful. "Is there any way you can disagree with that child without getting her temper up?" he asked defeated.

Beth let out a slow sigh, "Perhaps it is a learned skill, but yes…there is. And I'm sure you will acquire it with time," she replied, "but the thing is Jon, it makes me very sad that on this night, of all nights…"

Her voice trailed off and in his peripheral vision he caught her wiping a tear from her eye. "You could have stepped away Jon."

"Awe God Beth...please don't cry!" he implored.

She gave a weak little laugh as the tears continued to fall and she struggled to remain composed. She stiffened her shoulders and continued, "You know to a certain extent I think Frankie is right. You are just as stubborn as she is and you are absolutely relentless in going after what you want and I'm sure to an extent I'm just a stepping stone along the path."

"You agree with her? You think I have designs on you?" Jon asked, amazed at this turn in the conversation.

"Absolutely not!" Beth shook her head fervently, to reinforce her position. Why would someone like him be interested in her? "But, I do think you are being solicitous because I have been willing to defend you with Frankie."

Jon ran his hand through his short hair, would he ever get used to it being this length, "Beth I just want a relationship with her so badly…"

"I know you do, Jon," Beth replied sympathetically, "and I am so very, very thankful for that and for the fact that you are a decent and honorable man. But Jon, arguments like that will only push her further away."

"I know," Jon pulled to the curb in front of Beth's building and slumped in his seat, "It's just...it's just that she's so damned infuriating...she know just what buttons to push."

"I'm starting to think it might be something genetic," Beth smiled teasingly

"Hmmm, perhaps" he considered, "though you don't push my buttons." Not those ones anyway.

"Why would I?" Beth asked confused.

Jon considered for a moment what he just said, and his stomach lurched. He had been thinking of Beth as Frankie's mother…Frankie's biological mother. Where did that leave Gina? How could he forget her importance in this? He couldn't think about that now. His feelings were confused enough.

"Oh..sorry my mistake you just said it's something genetic. I…oh never mind…" he fumbled. And Beth suddenly realized where his train of thought had taken him, and a flush of pleasure spread through her. It was very flattering that he thought of her that way.

Jon jumped out of the car in an effort to hide his embarrassment and ran around to get her door. He helped Beth out of the car and walked her to the foyer. "Mind if I come up for a coffee?" He asked not quite ready for the night to end.

Beth however had other ideas. "I really don't think that's a good idea Jon."

A brief flicker of hurt crossed Jon's face before he managed to smooth his features, but Beth caught it. "It's been a wonderful evening, but a sad one in many ways for me, and I'd just like some time alone. Another time, ok?"

Beth watched as Jon obviously struggled with something he wanted to say. "What is it Jon? What's bothering you?"

"You don't hold any store in what Frankie said do you? I mean that's not why you don't want me to come up is it? Because honestly Beth I never…" He couldn't meet her eyes as he spoke and was glad when she interrupted and prevented him from completing the lie.

"Oh Jon." She chuckled, "please, I know you have women throwing themselves at your feet all the time. I certainly would never think that..." her words trailed off as she looked into his eyes.

"Never like you Bethie...never like you"

The intensity of his gaze and the fervor of his words had her rambling nervously, "besides we are entirely wrong for each other, we're complete opposites in some ways and…"

Without thinking Jon stepped forward, laced his fingers into the hair at the nape of her neck and cut off her words with a tender kiss on her lips. His tongue flicked out briefly to taste her before he pulled back. The pair stood face to face, only inches apart for a long moment, both stunned by what had just occurred.

Jon recovered first, "Beth I'm sorry…I shouldn't…"

"No no…It's fine." She interrupted, "I'm sure you meant to kiss me on the check and just …missed…or something…"

Jon studied Beth's face and wondered if his face wore an identical expression of bewilderment and awe. The atmosphere around them was electric. Had she seen fireworks too?

Beth most certainly had, and it had made her decidedly uncomfortable. Tonight was supposed to be about honoring her dead husband. How could she be feeling like this about another man?

"Good night Jon," she whispered and was gone.

He stood dumfounded and watched her until she entered the elevator and then turned to go, exhaling deeply as he considered what had just transpired. He was sure she had felt it too. What did this mean for them? Was Frankie right?